Jeff and Shaina met while they were both working at Best Buy. She was selling cable service and he was selling TVs. It was a match made in heaven. After Jeff finally worked up the courage to ask Shaina out, they had their first date at the Santa Monica Pier. They talked and laughed all day while riding the roller coaster and eating junk food. Jeff was too nervous to even hold Shaina's hand let alone kiss her on the first date. They spent the first 3 years of their relationship traveling to Mexico, Las Vegas and Catalina Island, celebrating birthdays and holidays with their amazing group of family friends. In the summer of 2013 Jeff and Shaina began to save for their first home and Jeff knew he wanted to take things to the next level. After combing through Facebook, Jeff connected with Shaina's friend Hersh Jhaveri. He had an idea of what Shaina wanted by looking at her Pinterest but there were so many different elements he wanted to incorporate. Hersh and Tanya made the process so easy. After looking at rings they had in their offices to choose the best design elements from each one, Jeff and Hersh created the perfect ring for Shaina. After a few weeks the one of a kind ring was ready. Jeff proposed at one of their favorite restaurants, Orange Hill in Orange County, CA on November 7th 2013. On April 12th 2015 they exchanged wedding bands and were married in Oak Glen, CA.

The Ring: Shaina is wearing a beautiful 1 carat center diamond in a custom designed twisted band. She paired a timeless pavé wedding band with her embellished engagement ring. Jeff picked a very modern wedding band which is white gold with a black rhodium finish.

“I was really excited to work with Hersh because I had heard from Shaina how professional and knowledgeable he was. The second I met him at the office everyone in the office seemed invested and there was a family atmosphere unlike anything I had ever experienced in the jewelry district. I had looked at several rings already and wanted elements of each one incorporated in the design. Within a couple of days of our meeting he had sketched a ring that was exactly what I wanted. The technology used to make the rendering was exactly what I was thinking but could never express. Hersh and Tanya seemed just as excited as I was to see the ring. Months later when we came back to get our bands, they had the exact band I wanted and a perfect ring to complement Shaina’s ring too. I highly recommend Tanya and Hersh not just for their expertise and professionalism but because they will create a piece that exceeds your expectations while treating you like family. Tanya and Hersh will celebrate your special moment just like it’s their own.”