Tiffany and Adrian were friends long before they realized that Fate had destined for them to be in each other’s lives. After 5 long years away from one another, a fortunate stroke of serendipity brought Adrian and Tiffany back together. A simple glance in the right direction, at the right time, in a bar filled with people, sparked what would be a miraculous change in their lives. Their journey together thus far has taken them to places neither of them would have ever imagined. On August 19th 2017, on top of a bridge with a burbling creek running underneath, surrounded by majestic Sequoias and Redwood trees, Tiffany said “Yes” to the one question that would ensure a lifetime of adventures for the two of them.

The Ring: Adrian created the perfect blend of modern and vintage with for his to-be wife's ring. He picked out a 1 carat old European cut diamond which was most likely cut from the rough in the early 1900's and set it in a contemporary yet complimenting rose gold halo setting.

“Tanya and Hersh were phenomenal. They made the whole experience not only stress free but an educational experience as well. Their knowledge and passion for jewelry showed in their professionalism and expert customer service.”