About Us

Janvier - n. /Jhan-vee-Yay/ 

January,  Novelty; Start of a New Idea. 

Janvier is your personal Diamond Concierge service based on the knowledge and experience of 5 generations in the jewelry industry.

We customize the engagement ring shopping experience for each client based on design, timeline, and budget. 

During the first consultation, each client is educated on the 4 C's of a diamond and the key components that contribute to a diamond's value and uniqueness.

After selection of the center stone, our clients are then introduced to the ring selection process and guided through choosing an original from the Janvier Forever Collection or creating a custom design. 

Once the client has picked the perfect match of the center gemstone and the ring design - the two will come together, creating a one of a kind engagement ring tailored for the perfect proposal. 

Our goal is to change the perception of the Jeweler-Consumer dynamic and provide service based on trust and friendship. 

Janvier's head office is located in Los Angeles, California.