Preeti and Ricky both share a passion for dancing. They danced on competitive Bhangra teams while they were in college and met at a Bhangra Competition in 2012. They caught each others eye but did not exchange a single word. Thankfully Ricky was able to stalk his future wife down on Facebook and send her a message saying, “Hi Miss Model, it was really nice meeting you last night :)” The rest is history… Photo credit: https://aperina.com

The Ring: Preeti knew exactly what she wanted in an engagement ring and was very involved in the design from start to finish. The couple picked out a beautiful 1.51 carat Cushion Cut diamond which was set in a meticulously tailored rope inspired ring in yellow gold. She wanted all the attention on her center stone, and did not allow for any diamonds on the ring to take away from that. She designed a similarly crafted ring for Ricky's wedding band. True to their Indian tradition, Ricky's family adorned their daughter-to-be in two diamond bangles with an astounding 12 carats of diamonds on each bangle, totaling to 24 carats for the pair. In honor of the bride and groom, the bangles have a hidden plate inside each one with the couple's names on it.

“Working with Tanya and Hersh felt like I was shopping with my best friend. I simply loved it. They made the process so fun and easy. Their passion for the work they do is felt while working with them and it shines through the master pieces they create.”