It was not love at first sight, Manali and Amit first locked eyes in 2009, but their true love story didn’t begin until March of 2015. And ever since, the two have been head over heels for each other. They couldn’t agree more on the importance of family time and very necessary weekly massages. You can find them together to an evening dancing the night away to Nicky Jam with Mezcal jalapeno margaritas in hand.

The Ring:
This was a very special ring, as Manali is Tanya's sister, so Amit had a lot of pressure! He picked out an breath-taking 3 carat VVS quality pear shape diamond for his now wife. Since Manali is a one-of-a-kind, the ring had to be as well. This was accomplished by setting all natural pink diamonds in rose gold.

“Proposing to the daughter who has a family of jewelers made things very easy but very difficult at the same time. I had all my trust in their decision, but knew I couldn’t settle for anything but the best. Tanya walked me through the entire process and made it a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. ”